Momma G Farms

Our story began in 2011 when I (Melissa"Momma G") chose to stop my pain management program and turn to raw foods and herbs. The beginning of the journey coming off of narcotics that I had been taking for almost 10 years and turning to plants and herbs was difficult at first due to the withdrawals. Thanks to family and prayer I came through stronger than when I first started taking the pills. My first nutrient dense food I added to my diet was raw Moringa leaves. I then began to dry the leaves and use the leaf powder in smoothies and I also added to water. Then journey continued by researching and growing plants and herbs that when added to my diet helped me heal and become stronger. When friends and family learned of my healing they too wanted what I had. That is why my husband "Farmer John" and I started Momma G Farms. We started the Not for Profit corporation to help others learn how to grow and use nutrient dense plants and herbs that can help your body heal itself. There is no magic pill to fix everything that ails you, but you can start a journey of learning how to improve your diet and eat what your grow, that can in turn can help improve your health. We are now located on a 5.5 acre farm in Eustis, Florida where we offer food forest tours, classes, seminars, and the plants and trees to start your own food forest no matter how big your yard or growing area.

Our Story