First start with fresh seeds from a reliable source. It is best to get from a local supplier.  Go to our Contact Page and we will help you find supplies in your area. Next you will want to have a seedling tray with loose potting soil.

Once you have a seedling an inch or two tall you can transplant into the ground. Making sure to place a barrier like a wire tomato support to keep you from mowing over it or from pets trampling it until it begins to take root. Water well the day you transplant and for the next few days. Then only water when tree looks droopy. Too much watering will kill your seedling. Your Moringa seedling will grow fast in warm weather.

Using worm tea to fertilize your Moringa will produce the best results for the tree to flourish. Worm tea has many organic benefits for all plants and trees especially if you plan on eating what you grow.  See our Resource Page for links for local worm tea.​ You can harvest leaves at any time. Once tree reached 5 to 6 foot tall you can cut it back to 2 foot tall.  Every time you cut it back it will add new base branches increasing your supply of leaves.  Your tree will usually flower after it is a year old. Two weeks or so after flowers drop your pods will start to grow. Pods not harvested will dry and produce the seeds that you can eat or plant for more Moringa!​

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