C. Darrow 07/2021 : Momma G is so informative and I really appreciate the time she took to teach us about the plants on her farm. The uses and best time to grow. Its a fascinating class, worth the time.

 Mickey's Mom 06/25/2020: Farmer John and Melissa were very welcoming and kind to us! They let my little boys pet a chicken and run around and take it all in, even tried a fig! ( I took my children there for a field trip) very sweet people,we will be back very soon!

 A. Padgette 06/2021: ***** (5 stars)

lDREAM CLEANORLANDO CARPET.TILE.CARPET CLEANING 08/26/2019 : We met Mama G at Lake Lily park on Sunday 2 weeks ago. We purchased some Turmeric Extract. Wonderful product. We love it. Lots of energy. Helped relieve my digestive issue Thank you.

 K. Pontiac July 2021: Great place to buy and learn from. So much info, so much variety, all organic and natural.

Customer Reviews

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 C. Wright 01/29/2020 : I have tried most of their products. They all work very well and i would recommend them. I also visited the farm and met the chickens! Very nice people :)

 S. Moore 06/06/2020: *****(5 stars)

 J. Jenner 06/06/2020: Had a great visit. Super friendly and extremely helpful people. I got some moringa.

K. Lewis 03/30/2019: This Queen and her husband are very warm, knowledgeable, smart, and super friendly. I'll certainly go back!

B. Sandlin 11/19/2018: This place is an absolute beauty and the transformation is awesome! I am proud to call Momma G Farms our neighbors! Great superfoods are grown here. Welcome to Eustis Momma G!

M. Lukens 07/01/2019 : ***** ( 5 Stars)

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